Tree Removal Nekoosa

Our tree cutting services in Nekoosa WI can handle all the care and support your tree needs to sustain itself. Trees need regular checkups to stay healthy. Trees can become damaged by wind, lightning, or even insects. Most people don't realize when a tree is experiencing problems so it is important to allow our tree cutting services to inspect your trees on a seasonal basis or as needed. Trees that are at risk to fail need to be taken down, but trees that are mostly healthy can be braced if needed.

Our tree cutting services also handle regular maintenance such as mulching and fertilizing. Trees in high traffic or dry areas respond best to mulch and it needs to be applied appropriately so it doesn't cause damage to the tree. The same goes for fertilizer. Tree fertilizer should be used sparingly as most trees are able to obtain their own nutrients. However, it is best to consult with our tree cutting services to determine exactly if and how much fertilizer each tree needs. Trees often outlast their owners. Trust our tree cutting services to ensure yours do, too.

Tree cutting Nekoosa services are needed when tree failure is imminent - whether due to the death of a tree or due to vicious storms that can cause large portions or the tree itself to fail. Our tree cutting services are here to help when these events occur. We are available 24/7/365 to cut down trees and/or their branches that fall on to your yard, home or other structure. Our tree removal services are fully licensed, insured, and equipped with the proper machinery to handle this type of disaster.

Tree cutting requires expert tree cutters because it is extremely hazardous. Even tree branches weigh hundreds of pounds and removing them on your own could be fatal. If your tree needs regular maintenance, trimming, or cutting, please contact us.

Tree Removal Cost

Tree cutting costs in Nekoosa are typically determined by the size of your tree. Small trees are deemed trees between 25-50 feet tall. Medium trees fall between 50-75 feet tall. Large trees include any trees over 75 feet tall. The costs to remove a small tree are typically $200-$500. Tree cutting costs for a medium tree are about $500-$1000. Tree cutting costs for a large tree are approximately $1500 or more. Large trees require a lot of man power and a lot of equipment. They are also more dangerous to bring down so they require a bigger risk on our technicians’ part. Your safety and the safety of our personnel are our very first priority.

Tree cutting costs Nekoosa WI for a tree that has already fallen range from about $200-$500 also depending on the size of the tree. Since the tree does not require the equipment or man power to bring it down, the cost is typically much less. Tree stump removal costs can be provided if you choose to have the stump removed, too. Tree stump removal prices are usually around $50-$100, but if you have a very large tree circumference-wise, they can cost up to $500 to remove – especially if their roots are stubborn.

Tree cutting costs may also include removing the wood from your property. Make sure to mention all of your tree removal needs when you get a quote to remove a tree. Our technicians are professionally trained and fully insured to safely cut your existing trees and to cut and remove your trees that have failed due to storms or other reasons.

Tree Service Companies Nekoosa

Our affordable tree service Nekoosa WI are dedicated to care for your trees in an efficient and safe manner. Our tree care services include mulching, fertilizing, cabling and bracing, trimming and pruning, and pest control. By providing affordable tree care services, we strive to avoid tree failure or tree damage.

Fertilizing and mulching trees helps keep them growing strong as they receive the right amount of moisture and minerals. We use soil tests to determine what your tree is lacking and provide the materials needed to ensure their proper growth.

When a tree branch is weakened – either due to storms or other factors – we use cabling and bracing to help strengthen the branch. This helps keep your tree structurally sound. Trimming and pruning should be done annually to remove dead or dying limbs and to avoid branches from overcrowding. Too many limbs in one area can lead to a weaker area on another side of the tree and is often the cause for the need to brace the branch.

Insects are a common menace for trees. Some types of ants can completely take over a tree’s trunk, drilling into it and carving it out from the inside. Ticks are also a menace – not only to trees but to your family and pets. Ticks carry Lyme disease which can be potentially fatal. It is crucial to have your trees inspected for these types of pests yearly.

Our affordable tree service companies provide these services and many more. We are fully insured and certified to meet all of your tree service needs. Our courteous staff and technicians look forward to your call.

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